We are stronger together. Partnerships and honest collaborations are vital to nonprofit organizations, which enhance the positive cultures of both partners, developing new ideas and audiences. Ataxia Connection has found an impact to our organization and those we serve by working together. We have partnered with the following organizations to highlight services and resources:

  • MSforward
  • Engage Wellness – UNMC


MSforward Mission

MS Forward

Keeping individuals diagnosed with a chronic illness active as a search for a cure continues.

  1. Ataxia Connection membership in MSforward programs at a 50% fee (TeleFitness, ReaLM, In Gym Classes, Monthly Social Events, Open Gym)
  2. MSforward provides a physical venue for any/all support meetings and gatherings
  3. Provide joint marketing of respective organizations, activities and events
  4. Invitation to any members from Nebraska Ataxia to take part in MSforward Testing and Center of Excellence and leverage MSforward’s existing community and medical partnerships

Location: 13530 Discovery Dr, Suite 10, Omaha, NE 68137

MS Forward

Engage Wellness Center at University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

UNMC Engage Wellness

Engage Wellness Ataxia Referral Program Engage Wellness would like to be part of the healthcare plan for both the ataxian and their care partner. Engage Wellness Center’s Specialists will design an individualized exercise program appropriate for each person’s needs.

Talk with your physician to be referred through the Engage website OR call Engage at 402-552-7210, to have referral paperwork sent to your physician *please specify ATAXIA program*

Engage in Exercise Ataxia program includes:

  • 6-week program participation (cost will be covered by Ataxia Connection when referred)
  • Pre and Post program functional fitness & balance assessments
  • Individualized fitness program & equipment orientation
  • Weekly 15-minute check in with participant (phone call or in person)
  • Provider follow-up on patient progress

For more information, call Engage Wellness 402-552-7210.

Engage Wellness is located at: 730 S. 38th Ave, Omaha NE 68105

The initial cost of the 6-week program is covered by Ataxia Connection, care partner membership = $60 (+tax) (with sales tax it is $64.20)

To cover the fees for continued membership beyond the 6-week program, ataxians can complete an Ataxia Connection grant request